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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two new interviews...

21 October 2014. Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Josie's Kaleidoscope

Here's a long interview conducted by writer Josie Cook... She bumped into me in Ohio when I was teaching at the Antioch Workshops last summer. Thank you, Josie!  

Note: If you click on the link a .pdf file with pictures will be downloaded.

And here's another at

The Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe... with me! Take a rocket ship to my planet, right here. And thank you to Katharine Duckett of Tor.

Photo credits: Top picture was taken a couple of days ago in Cullowhee, North Carolina by my mother. The second picture is by Rebecca Beatrice Miller, August 2013.

Marly Youmans pop quiz interview
Photo by Rebecca Beatrice Miller.


  1. The long interview is very nice; I'm a sucker for talk about process. I'm also glad you got to talk about poetry so much. Is there an actual pub date for Maze of Blood, then?

    1. Evidently it will be September 2015... Glad you liked it; I always like your talk about writing!

  2. Two lovely interviews. The first commenter on the Tor interview is right: Your answers were nicely substantive where others might have offered pithiness and snark.

    Am looking forward to Maze of Blood. Howard's die-hard fans can be...difficult. I'll be curious to see how they react to a fictionalized account of his life.

    Greetings from perfidious Pooler!

    1. Jeff,

      I am definitely prepared for some weird and possibly not that pleasant reactions! If once can ever be prepared...

      Perfidious indeed! My aunt's shade spits under the red light.

      Greetings from curious Cullowhee!


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