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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Another new review--

Glimmerglass reviewed at BookLoons here.
"Highly recommended."


  1. BookLoons is a fine book review site with a lot of reader traffic. I used to write for Hilary (the site editor), and her reviewers are all enthusiastic, intelligent, and honest readers -- which can be hard to find in some review sites. I hope the BookLoons rave turns into more Marly-readers.

    1. Oh, I'd forgotten that--they have been very supportive of a number of my books, and I much appreciate them.

      Hope all is going well with you now--I'm down in the Carolina mountains after stays in Norfolk and Greenville (the NC one.) No wifi here!

  2. Enjoy your odyssey. Watch out for the shadowy, troll-like critters that lurk in those mountains. The locals can tell you all about them.

    1. Hah. I am a local, more here than anywhere else. Moved here when I was 13... and heard plenty of stories about the Cherokee little people and more. So my longest life connection to a place is to Cullowhee, and I'm here quite a bit. Though I have been a resident of Cooperstown longer than any other place.


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