Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Extravagantly, madly, flamboyantly reticent--

Art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Design by Mary Frances Glover Burt
Once again regretting that my Southern ancestors passed down to me demands for (a.) superhero-level hyper-modesty and (b.) never asking anybody for anything because a person (oneself, in fact) might subtly or openly (or even parenthetically) bother another human being or sentient entity (anybody, anywhere, on this planet or any distant planet known or unknown, not forgetting the various realms of the dead) somehow or other... So I need to somehow trip over, back into, pierce my Achilles's heel on the point that here's the latest update on my Glimmerglass page, which you just might (please excuse the intrusion) find compelling, an idea that I could possibly see as a tad, a smidgen, or a skosh workable if I could just get over six or seven minor (minor, minor, positively morselish, mere jotishness, certainly nothing to downright boast about) personal flaws because the book is, after all, despite my most self-effacing effacings, in pre-order and coming out immodestly soon.

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