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Friday, November 22, 2013

六十. lok-sat. soixante. LX. шестьдесят. 60.

credit: Rebecca Beatrice Miller, 8/2013
Conflagration cake
With battalions of candles
Frizzling the icing.


I started celebrating yesterday with a studio visit with Ashley Cooper and then lunch. So glad to see her new work . . . And for dinner my husband made a grand feast for friends, and afterward painter and soprano Yolanda Sharpe sang Haydn and Handel arias for us. Lovely.

Of course, today is drear and rainy (a real Ishmael November day), more appropriate for the deaths of Kennedy and poor C. S. Lewis, overlooked in the wake of presidential assassination. It's also pee day in Rome, New York for the wrestling team . . . a tedious boy duty that seems to take eons longer than it should and is in the way. Nevertheless, frolics shall be had!


  1. Have a wonderful 60! Many virtual hugs from me and from R too!

  2. Thank you, Robinka! Saw the one on facebook also. (Astonishing the way facebook churns out the wishes, isn't it? Whew.)

  3. Happy Birthday, Marly. I'm sorry I didn't time your present to arrive on the day, but hey, it's always good to extend the frolics with the gifts that arrive late!

    C xxx

  4. Happy happy 60th birthday, dear Marly! May the party go on and on. Wishing you all good things this year.

  5. Thank you, dear people--Clive and Marja-Leena!

  6. Happy birthday! Am looking forward to reading the books you write in the years ahead...


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