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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Poems, essay at Mezzo Cammin--

Poems up at Mezzo Cammin, three of them from The Book of the Red King manuscript:
  • Tree Girl
  • The Garden at 4 a.m.
  • The Alchemist to the Fool
  • The Red King to the Stricken Man
I also have a little essay on Kathleen Raine in Mezzo Cammin's Fifteen by Fifteen, a celebration of fifteen women poets by fifteen women poets. And thanks to editor, poet, and West Chester Poetry Conference director Kim Bridgford!


  1. oh...these are lovely gifts.
    thank you.

  2. Hello, Mistress Zephyr--

    So glad you could float this way! Pleased that you wanted a gift...

  3. My comment of this morning disappeared!

    I think I wrote that yes, indeed these poems are gifts! I'm struck how very visual they are, like paintings but using words and pens instead of brush and paint in rich colours.

    And the magazine cover is enticing! I must still be charmed by Havishamishness :-)

  4. I peeked, and it is not in Spam Land! Don't know what glitch may have happened.

    That's something people have said to be quite a bit. Wonder if that's why I have so many painter friends... Some sensibility in common, perhaps.

    I expect you are always charmed by Havishamia! The retted and the rotted are your domain. Your perfect Havisham gown would be made from hundreds or maybe thousands of leaves retted down to lace, all beautifully arranged and stitched together with silk thread.

    Imagine the dust of a real Havisham house. It must be (have been) formidable.


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