Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy birthday, Clive Hicks-Jenkins--

Cover image by Clive
P. S. Publishing, 2009 (out-of-print)
Cover, interior art by Clive.
Stanza Press, 2012

Jacket/interior art by Clive.
Phoenicia Publishing, 2012
Jacket image by Clive
Mercer University Press, 2011


  1. Well, THAT'S a surprise. Marly, thank you so much. There's been so little time to think about a birthday that I was quite surprised when Peter turned to me at just gone midnight and wished me a happy one!

    Where is the time going?

  2. Over the falls! And we are in our little barrels, tumbling down but working and singing as we go...

    Happy birthday, dear Clive--good health and good work to you in the coming year. And no slings and arrows!


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