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Friday, June 28, 2013

ForeWord BOTYA winners in fiction

ForeWord Reviews

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BOTYA 2012 Winners in General (Adult Fiction)


  1. Congratulation, Marly!

    Lovely news : D

  2. Thanks, Paul and Dale--two of my favorite people in the Land of Arts.

    Tickled at all the writers and readers popping up on facebook, etc.! People are sweet. You two especially!

  3. Such a well-deserved honor for a special book. I hope more and more people continue to discover this title and all your gorgeous works!

  4. Ms. B,

    Just went and peeked at your book site--very interesting.

    Thank you for the lovely compliment... ("Gorgeous" is a great word! Thanks.)

  5. Congratulations! I have my copy and will be reading it soon!

  6. And I'm very pleased about that! Thanks, Scott. I will get around to yours as well, after I finish some promised work.

    Pleased with how many people have written me notes or left comments on social sites--it's so sweet. Somehow I thought people wouldn't notice, but they do.

  7. Wonderful news. You deserve it in your own right, but it's particularly heartening to those of us in the "never write the same book twice" club.

  8. Thanks, Jeff.

    And yes, it is always helpful when somebody as variable as we are gets a pat on the head. Because we all know variety is not loved in much of the world of publishing.

  9. Oh, congratulations, Marly! Truly well-deserved and a good feeling too, for you to see another baby recognized so highly.

  10. Another baby!

    It is good when your paper child (or is it e-child now?) earns a crown. One hopes that he will be welcomed more as a result...

  11. Just saw this Marly-- heartfelt congratulations on an honor well- deserved!

  12. Thank you, Beth--so glad you came by!


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