Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Bandersnatch

Drifted into a wee small nap, and woke dreaming that I was at a literary conference, staying in a marvelous hotel with sunny big rooms and wide halls that felt like home (only tidier, lacking progeny.) The place was called The Bandersnatch, and the outside was made of wood, wonderfully carved in a folk-art sort of way with the Bandersnatch itself closely surrounded by flowers and leaves and insects, all stained deep, brilliant colors with inks rather than being painted. The predominant color was a deep greeney color with a dash of turquoise blue in the mix. The sight was so wonderful that I felt disoriented on waking to realize that there is no such carved, inked hotel called The Bandersnatch in this world.

I tell you not to bore you with somebody else's dream but in order to increase the knowledge of The Bandersnatch, in hopes that some quirky, generous billionaire should be inspired to add it to the collection of marvels in our world. I believe my friend Clive could design the carved, inked Bandersnatch in his prospect of flowers and leaves. I always wanted to see a Bandersnatch, and now I have. However, all its sharp detail is disintegrating, as is the way in dreams. Like vampires, they suffer from the light.

P. S. As this is a second post of the day, I would hate for you to miss the beau présent challenge in the first. Scroll down! Be not shy but increase the strangeness and color of the world! Love, Marly


  1. You clearly have access to a higher echelon of literary conference than I do.

  2. Hi there, Ms. Alisa--

    That's because I rarely go to any at all! So my dream life is relatively free from the pesky interventions of reality.

  3. I so want to build The Bandersnatch! 'Big rooms and wide halls that felt like home' - and all that light.
    One day....

    Your earlier post is something I am certainly going to try. I wish I had a much, much longer name. I fear I will only manage a lim...

    Perhaps if I use my middle name as well I would make a fine limeri ?

    : D

  4. Sounds like a lovely dream. Isnt it great to wake up feeling peacful. Sleep that good deserves its own post.


  5. Paul,

    Yes, it was marvelous! You should build it, make-almost-everything man! It was so scrumptious, so airy, so delicious...

    Yes, throw in the middle name. Or your REAL name. It'll give you more vowels. :D

    Or, more vow--

  6. Susanna,

    Sweet dreams to you! Need to come see what you're doing--

  7. How lucky to have such wonderful dreams, and such a great name for a house! If I have interesting dreams, I very rarely remember them.

    Have been thinking of the beau présent challenge but haven't come up with anything....

  8. I rarely remember mine because I'm over-tired most of the time. I sleep hard. But the little nap gave me one...

    Yes, do write one! You could have Jael or a jar, a reel or a ram...

  9. Theres nothing but trash on that blog! I like the new blue look of your page. Target is carrying some blue espedril wedges this exact color. I think I need to go buy a pair!


  10. Your blog? I doubt it!

    I'm expecting vim and hats, Susanna. And maybe some blue espadrilles...



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