Thursday, May 30, 2013

Morning after storm--

Wendy Chidester is one of the artists discussed in the Spring
2013 issue of American Arts Quarterly. Her paintings of out-
of-date machinery are like "relics ... the wonder-working
bones of saints" (p. 42.) Liquid Fuel Iron, oil on canvas,
24 x 26. I like this labor-saving relic of the past, and can't
help personifying the lady iron and her little caboose-
and-papoose child. Looks a bit dangerous to use, doesn't it?
Had breakfast with my husband, who read the news--the silly, the shocking, the unjust, the wars against free speech--and then I wrote a poem about it. A start with a poem was pleasing, as I must drudgedrudgedrudge all day long. In the past ten days the cooktop blew up, the mower's blade bent, and now the dryer is suddenly making outrageous, unbearable outcries. Much to be solved, a world to be tidied...

The mail arrived, and I have a poem (along with Amit Majmudar, Kevin Durkin, and Robert Levy) from The Book of the Red King manuscript in American Arts Quarterly (Spring 2013.) It's a poem about the Fool, and about creation, called "Wild to Make." What a handsome little magazine... The poem will eventually appear on the accompanying website.

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