Thursday, May 16, 2013

Index to my online poems in Mezzo Cammin

and 2007.1.

Mezzo Cammin is one of my favorite places to publish. I admire the energy and work of poet, Mezzo Cammin editor, West Chester director, and founder of the woman poets' timeline project Kim Bridgford. Here's a little map to my various publications there. More will be coming out in the next few issues. I think this compact list can serve as a little introduction to my poetry, as it contains a lot of variety, including a snip from Thaliad, poems from The Foliate Head and The Throne of Psyche, and some adventures with the Fool and the King from The Book of the Red King (forthcoming, some day!)


  1. I'm sorry. I have been remiss over the Red King project. Forgive me. I so want to make images for it, but this year has been highjacked by The Mare's Tale and The Soldier's Tale (plus life getting in the way) and everything else has been pushed back. Would you still like for us to do it together? If so, we should plan ahead so that we have both a vision/publisher for it, plus I can make the space.

  2. No worry! I have been behind in everything since the NBA judging, etc. Shall write you soon.


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