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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mezzo Cammin, again--

New poems--"The Fool and the Owl" from The Book of the Red King manuscript, "Self-portrait as Meadow," and "Hurdler, Age 12"--are up at Kim Bridgford's wonderful Mezzo Cammin.


  1. Congratulations, all wonderful poems, Marly! I especially love the magic quality in the first one and in the third, the feeling and sight of that girl's fleeting and free movement.

  2. Thanks--one thing I especially like about having finally lived in one spot for a decent length of time is seeing children grow up and turn into young women and men. There's something so beautiful and heart-wrenching about it when you see them achieving something, striving, stretching.

  3. Lovely poems Marly! Love "a posse of bumblers"! And owls, yes, what do they mean?
    I recently heard a news story on NPR about how farmers in Israel are using owls rather than pesticides to free their crops from mice, but across the divide, the Palestinians fear owls, would rather poison themselves and others to get rid of pests.
    There is a movement to get imams to preach the virtues of owls. Apparently, the Prophet Mohammed praised them somewhere in the Koran.

  4. That's really interesting... Owls are uncanny, and when they catch rabbits, the rabbits make a terrifying sound like a woman screaming.

    Glad you liked the poems, Robbi!


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