Friday, May 11, 2012

At an Angle

A delayed post: clearly written a few days ago.

Waking, I remembered that the marvelous Maurice Sendak died yesterday. Amazing that the planet can go on without his curmudgeonly verdicts and masterful strokes of brush and pen.

His was a life that mattered to many in the world of books and theatre and bedtime reading. I shall have to hunt up my beloved The Juniper Tree and have a little mental confab with the man. So many wonderful collaborations-on-paper (Ruth Krauss, Randall Jarrell, George MacDonald, and many more) and lovely Sendak books remain.

Janet Kenny and Philip Quinlan's new magazine Angle launched today--please download and browse and read. Thanks to the editors for asking to see some of my poems! The first issue is packed full of interesting poets from all over the world, united in the love for form and sound. I have several poems in the new enterprise; here's a bit from the start of each:

The Substance

Fine as a ring-stole drawn through a hoop
Of gold, but crimped and burned
And almost ruined by some fire

Ship of Trees

Nails tingle in boards, freezing in the grain,
And the whole house struggles to conjure some
Swaying rootedness, rampire and bulwark

"The Fool Glimpses the City," "Lumen Hour," "Because I Pass I Pass," and "To Make Much of Time" will be in the second issue, winter 2012/2013.

Links for the new novel, A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage: Pinterest page for the book; read chapter one at Scribd ; visit the book page; see the facebook pagetry for the Goodreads giveaway of 24 books, April 15-May 15; find the Amazon  hardcover ebook or indie books search; order from Mercer.


  1. Seems the amazinglly talented Sendak touched everyone, including our family. Most memorable for me was seeing, long ago on television, his Nutcracker production for the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. His sets and costumes were so exciting and dramatic compared to the traditional Nutcrackers that the latter have bored me since! Then he did the book which is part of my own collection of favourite children's books with amazing illustrations.

    Congratulations on getting your poems into Angle - will go and visit.

  2. Yes, the Nutcracker sets were wonderful--wish I'd seen them in person. I love so many of the books...

  3. He was a wonderful artist/writer! I cherish his books, though strangely, I bought none of them for Jeremy. I guess we just took them repeatedly out of the library. I still remember from my own childhood the kerfuffle about Wild Things.
    Took a good look at Angle. It's lovely.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you in return! I am now mother of one college graduate. Two to go.

    Yes, I'm so glad they asked me for some poems--lovely of them.


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