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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fried squirrel: new online poems

UPDATE 2/8/08: I am the premier Q-looney for today at qarrtsiluni with a poem called "Self-portrait as Dryad, no. 5." Thank you to the editors! UPDATE 2/2/08: "Stones in the Wilderness" and "Snow White in Wildwood" forthcoming in the next issue of Mezzo Cammin, an online site for women poets interested in form. I've published there before and like it. With all this luck going around, I'd better send out some more poems. I've been working on my current poetry manuscript and thinking that I ought to be energetic and send out more little white envelopes--somehow I've managed to place eighteen poems in the past ten days, even though I am lazy about such things. Here are a few new online poems: "The Fall," "The Starflower," and "Spell for Raine" (a poem written in memory of Kathleen Raine) are in the just-out "Loss and Restoration" issue of Mythic Passages at the Mythic Imagination site. In addition, there's a poem I wrote in memory of my elderly friend Fae Malania (writer of spiritual essays) in the January/February print issue of Books & Culture. It has now popped up on line as well. The editor, John Wilson, helped us along the path to getting a reprint of Fae's long out-of-print Knopf book, The Quantity of a Hazelnut (Seabury, 2005), so this is perfect placement of a poem. Upcoming: A poem in my Self-portrait as Dryad series will turn up on qarrtsiluni some day soon. It feels luxurious to be giving them a poem rather than editing an issue. Illustration: the hardcover jacket / paperback cover to my first book of poems, Claire (Louisiana State University, 2003.) Unfortunately I will not be publishing my second book of poems with LSU because Claire has not sold a sufficient number of copies.

Family Frolic

N is discussing Obama. Being devoted to the unconventional, he declares that he will have to be for McCain because everybody in his elementary school is for Obama.

Mike: McCain was a war hero.

N, age 10: Didn't he fry a squirrel in a microwave and eat it?

B, age 18, from under his headphones: I ate what?


  1. Well, good golly, Miss Marly, you've done well! And I'm glad to see you here, in spite of your determination to stay away until spring ;D. Hope the apps are going well.

  2. What spectacular timing you have. Just finished a big typing job--ugh. Two acceptances in the bag, so we're plugging along.

  3. a person on my friend page just posted a picture of a black squirrel and I have been sitting here staring at it for about 5 min.

    Then I clicked my links list where you are first and see your sq. post. strange dont ya think.

  4. A cute rat with a feather boa is always strange. ;-)

  5. Brilliant stuff, Marly.
    And remember all these family quotes; they will be very precious!

  6. Thanks, Jan.

    And I wish that I had been better about collecting such quotes!

  7. Ugh!
    Keep your pecker up Marly!

  8. Now don't you wish that you had a pack of little boys lying about the house?

  9. Love those bits of boy chat -- too dang funny.

    May the protean muse put wings on more acceptances for you!

  10. Dang, Lori--I'd better send some out!

    Yes, those snips and snails and puppy-dog tails can be entertaining. It's a snow day, so I'll hear plenty.

  11. Mercy!
    If this is you on haitus...phew!
    i'm truly a slacker!

  12. Most of the time I feel like a little pat of butter that has to skim over a mile-long slab of hot toast!

    But I'm trying to quit gusting around and be a bit zephyrish. Oh, I really liked your "stars underfoot" black-and-white photograph.

  13. I've tried to post several times and blogger wouldn't let me. I hope I have it worked out now.

    Your boys are funny. Mine used to eat everything in sight when he was a teen, so I can understand why your teen thought they were talking about him.

    Can you believe it's been three years since NCCAT? I'm hoping to go back this summer.

  14. Acting up again, eh? I have neglected the online world (not as much as I should, no doubt) in order to catch up. But I am still not caught up.

    Boys are curious critters, no doubt. After all, they grow into men!

    Hope you get another place at NCCAT: such a lovely concept.

    A sweet St. Valentine's Day to you, Donna--


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