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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Sweet St. Val's to You--

My book-progeny (the fiction, anyway) and I appear on the Guardian (UK) blog here. Recently I've been a bit startled to find that I'm often labeled as a young adult fantasy writer, since most of my books have been published for adults, and much of what I do is not irrealist--although I certainly have committed some strange fiction over the past few years.
But who can knock being talked about on the other side of the great puddle? And he mentioned my upcoming Val/Orson book as well. Thank you for that Valentine's gift, Damien G. Walter!
And thank you to Imani for telling me. I like her blog, The Books of my Numberless Dreams (another Yeats lover.) In fact, I'm making a note to myself right now to put Imani in my blog roll.
Image credit: The romantic valentine is courtesy of Gabriella Fabbri of Rapallo, Italy and


  1. Apologies Marly, for the sake of a coherent article and making our wordcounts we journalists like to put writers in boxes which you then have to fight your way out of. I wish it were otherwise.

  2. Aww, you're very welcome! I admit that I squealed a bit in excitement when I saw your name come up.

  3. What a jolly day I have had! Not to mention those marvelous Valentine presents.

    Greetings, Damien Walter and imani--and thank you for coming by to visit my abode. Nothing to forgive--I know those little boxes--and many thanks on my side.

  4. I think it just might be the right box Marley from the view that you want young adult readers anyway because they will go on reading your books for a life time and oldies like me still like to think of ourselves as young adult readers! I am not sure I would look at a box of books labeled 'for old adult readers'!!

    So glad you have got your foot on the side of the puddle.

  5. Robert, I like how your glass is always half full!

  6. Well, I think you are wonderful, and all the people that are characters on your blog are so spohisticated and intelligent, they are drawn to you.

    I think Robests blurb was insightful

    I had to take down that awful post about the gas station fire! and the one before it. They were terrible.

    Hope you had a nice V-day. We celebrated Wed. by going out to eat and odering 3 entrees and having a smorgusboard of delight

  7. We went to see " Brief Encounter"....

  8. Had a low key valentines at my house. Dinner, movie, sleep, in that order. A very nice relaxing evening. I hope yours was very Happy and Valentiney. Thanks for popping by my blog and for the comments. I always like a visit from you.

  9. Jan,

    The movie? Or the play? Coward and marital entrapment for Valentine's Day? Oh well, good movie anyway...


    Same here. I always like to see how your tender mercies are working on our nation's youth to drag them into art and culture. Hope you get another NCCAT spot.

  10. Just a sleepy-commentator-grin here, am glad to see word spreading about The Unboxable Marly.

    Now, off to read, and dream.

  11. Unboxable?

    That could be you, Lori...

  12. The film...
    Echoes of my mother's days, the marriages of her friends, the way they were...

  13. Ah.

    I wonder what movie our daughters will see as us?

  14. Oops,

    Susanna, I missed your note--how? You are definitely a "smorgusboard of delight."

  15. Marly,
    You have more energy than anyone I know. It makes me tired just thinking about it, me with my piles of paper and my feet sticking to the floor because I haven't cleaned in who knows how long!
    By the way, I'd like to make a list of others' blogs too on mine. How do you do that?

  16. If someone is going to put me in a box, could it please be full of See's California Brittle? Seems like that should be appropriate for Val's Day, even if i'm late?

    i eagerly await the receipt of my copy of Val/Orson!

  17. Nah.


    It must be some sleight of hand. I always feel that I get almost nothing done, that I'm overrun by demands and underrun in accomplishment!

    Try clicking on "template" in your Blogger desktop? I'll help you tomorrow. Just got home from a day of delivering B to the airport in Albany, shopping for all the things we can't get in Cooperstown, and going for quick all-but-B trip to the movies to see "The Spiderwick Chronicles."


    It won't be out for ages! But I'm glad you will have one...

    See's California Brittle? At Christmas my husband makes a candy you would like: layer of toffee topped with chocolate and then nuts. After it cools, he breaks it into desirable shards. Scrumptious. Nothing like homemade.

    I imagine that you are Unboxable. Who can keep a zephyr in a box?

  18. My sister makes the same toffee and family and friends clamor for it and i do enjoy it...but i love the thick chunk of nut filled, buttery, chocolate bathed toffee...maybe because i get it only once a year.

    you'd be surprised how many people have tried to box a z up. i guess that's one good thing about these later decades: "they" eventually give up.

  19. Zephyr Unbound--

    Zephyrs can become a little gusty when bothered, I imagine. Getting older has its perks to lessen the general pain of it all.

    Mike is devoted to Rose Levy Berenbaum's Christmas cookie book. That's where he gets 95% of his Christmas cookie and candy recipes. I've probably spelled her name wrong...

  20. Rose's recipes are usually spot on...i should explore her book...thanks for the reminder!

  21. The year Mike was given that cookbook, he made seventeen different cookies--we found the list recently and were a bit startled. But he still cranks out quite a few, as we have a tradition of giving out plates of cookies to neighbors roundabout on Christmas Eve.

  22. I like the idea of 'committing' fiction!
    So our first editions of Val-Orson might be worth a bob or two one day...

  23. All that talk of candy is making me hungry. I recently bought a box of cashew rocha at the store and got three out of the box. They are crunchy toffe things that are great. Husband loved them, obviously.

  24. Hi Lucy and Donna--

    I've been off buying our first small car in many a moon, since the eldest will be off to college next year.

    Lucy, I hope it won't be in the tuppence bin in 2050! But yes, this particular book is a short run.

    Donna, my youngest keeps us remembering the subject of candy. He's a real little maniac on sugary treats.

  25. I think the pot boy needs to stir up some trouble somewhere!

  26. Miss Susanna,

    Hopped on to write my dear mama a note, and here you are. What an excellent idea! There the pot boy is, getting lazy by the fire. Time to get some work out of that fellow... And I am too busy, what with progeny zipping here and there and poems on the brain.


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