Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A gift for St. Valentine's Day

May the good saint sprinkle your path with candy hearts and sweet-smelling flowers and sparkles of Spirit!

I, being less good, give you borrowed pictures from Laurelines and a tiny, sharp shard of a poem. It is a mere fragment, about a quarter of a longer poem. You may regard it as the bright splinter of a once-broken heart, since it is Valentine's Day. It is not that, but you may as well see it that way, in honor of love--the thing that makes my world go round.

* * *
You come to me in fall
And lie with me, and take
Me utterly by force--
By dew, by leaves, by light.
My flesh is transparent,
Your dew is upon me,
Your leaves under me,
And all of me is light.
How can I turn away,
When all my reasoning
And all the tears of things
Are burned away by light?
--from "Power & Light"


  1. Passers-by who leave a note--

    If you don't hear from me, it might be the 12 inches of snow today and the 10 tomorrow. One hopes they are over-estimating rather than under.

    Better take your Valentine a day early and run!

  2. Where can I find this "Power & Light"? Is it a book of poems? Mi piace...

  3. I'm glad you were pleased! "Power & Light" is a newish, not-yet-finished poem. This is about a quarter of it. I hope it will be in a book, some day--my second book of poems. I'm not quite finished fooling with the poems that will be in it.

    However, I think it will be your kind of book somehow, partly because I see that you have your sights on power and light in your art...

    And the little fragment might be a note from your Psyche, I suppose!

  4. Wow That is a lot of snow!!!

    It sounds like you are going to have a snugly romantic Valentines with your sweetie.

    I have class, but me and mike have watched some lifetimes valintines movies on tv that were fun, and today,

    I vacumed up the ant invasion just so he would be comfortable while I was gone.

  5. I'm afraid that it sounds as though three children have a snow day! My Mike still has to work...

  6. "Power & Light" indeed. And little carnations too. (now..I wonder..imagine a book of your poems illustrated by the artist of Laurelines...)
    Poetry must be in the air, as well as rain and snow. I dredged out an old, old one of my own for my notebooks.

  7. A lovely gift it is, Marly, thank you. Happy Valentine's Day to you — stay warm! My daughter, by the way, wishes me to tell you that she enjoyed your book, Ingledove. Now I'll have to read it, clearly...

  8. jarvenpa,

    That would be lovely, wouldn't it? And I'd like to see more of your poems...


    I have been sitting on a footstool by the fire, reading a book by a friend. And thank your daughter--a reader is always a good present, whether it is Valentine's Day or not!

    * * *

    They're predicting more inches than before. It's steady and fine snow, so far--looking beautiful in the streetlamp. The snow will have to work up to feather-size to hit 30 inches, I'd say.

  9. Marly: Just in case you dont refer back to "mycommentaboutyourcomment" (!) on my blog, I wanted to say how amazed I was that you went so far back on my postings...I am very touched!!

  10. I don't know why but I thought of;

    And moving through a mirror clear
    That hangs before her all the year,
    Shadows of the world appear.

    after reading yours.

    Power and Light has great merit, do we get it in instalments?

    Just wet and cold here, at least the snow can look pretty.

  11. Jan,

    Since I am opposed to the idea of progress that rules the world, when I visit in the ether-world, I tend to jump around in the "past."

    Why should a "new" post be more "important" than an "old"? Some are dated, some not.


    Haven't thought about "The Lady of Shalott" in a while--good to remember.

    And thanks. I don't know if you'll get any more of that poem till a book comes out. As whim takes me, I suppose.


    Yes, the weathermen are sometimes right. It snowed all night, and snow is still falling steadily from low clouds--fine and constant and over all. The old hand-laid stone house and the brick or clapboard houses and the trees planted a few centuries back look like they're standing in the realm of magic. I don't like cold weather, but I love a beautiful snow.

    It's deep, and walls are steadily rising along the sidewalks. The bumbly song of snow blowers keeps popping up in the background. Roger is clearing my front walk--hurrah for good neighbors! My children are being quite well-behaved, so far. My youngest and I spent an hour embellishing his already grand Valentines.

  12. Ah….the sweet, smell of perfume! Today's market is flooded with hundreds and hundreds of different fragrances

    ranging from floral to woodsy. Most women love the smell of perfume, wearing it even when going to the grocery

    store. The problem is that perfume allergy for some women, is anything but nice.

  13. This has a very Saint Teresa of Avila feel about it. And it is very beautiful. Yes, I think your poems and I would be a better match than some other of your work, don't you? Reading your poems fills my heart's eye with
    images of things more than phantasms. I'm not much of a phantasm-producer, in any event.
    Happy snowy Saint (while we're on the subject) Valentine's day.

  14. What a persistent perfume salesman! Back for a second try; I shall have to have Clendon serve him with a warrant.


    The muse in that story was a bit of a phantasm, although quite capable of tangible work... I fear that I am quite variable in what I do, even in poetry. It would be marvelous to try and match up, though; no doubt about that one.


    This snow is becoming quite impressive. The van became a hill some hours ago, and the snow at the side door is already four feet deep. And they say it won't stop until about midnight.

    The village seems to have given up on keeping even the main street clear. One narrow lane runs free, and I just spotted a sort of traffic jam, composed of a snow plow and a truck and an ATV--two going one way, and one going the other. Whatever will they do? The rest of the village is evidently buried. I was going to hike out to piano and guitar lessons with my children, but it seems that there's nowhere clear to walk...

  15. At last, fame for something other than baseball and opera! The Village of Cooperstown made the Weather Channel--30 inches already fallen and still snowing wildly.

  16. I posted some sketches, just leaves really. Not sketches just doodling really.

    I was inspiered by all your artsy friends.

  17. Susanna,

    That was rather dreamy and odd--all that hammering, just out of reach, while you doodle your leafy embellishments.

    Went on a long sparkling wade through the snow tonight... No school again tomorrow.

  18. We are getting a bit worried about you Marly it is nearly 24 hours since your last communiqué.

  19. Lots of snow, lots of children, lots of shoveling...

    I'm also going to be nuttily busy for the next ten days or thereabouts, and didn't really need a giant snowstorm right now. Ah, well. If I vanish for a bit, I'll be back.

  20. What a shimmering muse, in that poem. Can't wait to read more...

    It's chilly here, for us wussies down South that is, but nothing as dramatic as The Vast White Blanket of Snow. Hope you have lots of hot chocolate to keep you warm!

  21. Thanks, Lori--

    Glad you liked the piece-of-poem.

    Some of my Southern friends who have snow dreams were a bit envious of all this white weather. I would've been quite pleased to hand them shovels yesterday.


    3rd day of no school! If you don't hear from me and think you ought, it's just our pal Jolly Havoc at work.

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  23. Valentine's Day history is full of romance - and you can take that romance to your life - just be free to love!:) Happy Valentine's Day!


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