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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Palace P. O.

Bookish NYC picture postcards, all from the last three days:

Robbie-the-editor in his new beard (already scraped off, though I said that I liked it, honest!);

Rebecca-the-middle-child-bookworm, age 13, devouring sushi again and again and yet again;

Sabeth and Lee--why are marketers always so attractive, I wonder?--plus the rest of the children's division at a wine and cheese pillage;

a letter from Jane to her dear sister, Cassandra, plus George Eliot's notes in Hebrew;

Elaine, Queen of Copy Editors, in her leafy chamber of books and manuscripts;

an abysmal lot of correspondence in my FSG file (never thought that they'd keep the stuff--I'll never tell anything, ever again!);

several of Renato Alarcao's original drawings in Robbie's office, including one from Ingledove;

Liz-the-agent with a picture book starring her fat stripey cat, Magic;

the grumpy FSG cat, picture-book dummies, inner sanctums, book hoards, etc.!

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