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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

2004 **** Award for "A Distant Flame"

I posted what's below, then found out that it hasn't been announced yet. So out it goes! I'll change the stars tomorrow, or when the announcement breaks.

The penpal I've never met, Philip Lee Williams, has won ***** for 2004 for his lovely novel, A Distant Flame. I just got a note from him, so I hope it's all right to say so! Phil is having an astounding run of book acceptances, reprint announcements, and honors. Is this the icing on a many-layered cake? Who knows? Perhaps many candles are yet to come: a glorious bonfire.

It is wonderful to see a writer who has worked quietly and steadily receive all these laurels. Though I've never met Phil in person, he is a person of great tenacity and sweetness, and at last his time to be recognized--for his books to be seen and read in greater numbers--has come round. When so much dross is heralded with trumpets and naked dancing girls, it's good for something gold to be raised into the light.

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