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Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Midnight Crier (in the morning!): an Ingledove arrival

Robbie-my-editor has sent me an initial copy of Ingledove. Renato Alarcao's jacket is dramatic and lovely, with the subtle musical staff and notes in the air and the deep blues lit where Ingledove's hand reaches into the water. The title on cover and jacket is pleasantly watery--that's to Robbie's credit, I believe. The Diana Wynne Jones blurb is big and satisfying! And the cover is divided between a deep blue paper that wraps the spine and extends onto the boards and a paler blue flecked with blue and charcoal fibers. I'm so glad there's a frontispiece on this one. Renato has a flair for drama in image and light, so the additional picture is enticing...

Beautiful book. Good reviews so far, so far as I know. What next?

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