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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Formal frolics, just up--

Just home from four days in New Hampshire, and pleased to find people sharing two new poems of mine on social media... enjoy!

Self-portrait as Ruth the Moabite at Measure Review

Pilfered from Measure Review on Twitter: "Writing in a nonce form that's half-sestina and half-ghazal, #poet Marly Youmans (@marlyyoumans) has created a stunning and hopeful #poem worth remembering - and form worth trying yourself. Read it now at #measurereview" 

Seaside Pentina for a Chinese Painter at Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

"Editor’s Note: This delightful pentina uses lush imagery to draw the reader into a landscape that feels as ephemeral as a painting, but with a structure that perfectly encapsulates the concept of 'li'."


  1. I would have run a mile (backwards) to be rewarded with that judgment:

    "Writing in a nonce form that's half-sestina and half-ghazal..."

    I must arm myself with such bullets, really learn them. If it wasn't for the phrase "iambic pentameter" I'd be totally illiterate when it comes to verse-comment. I came too late to this techno-land, the spirit being willing, but the flesh limp.

    1. I expect your phrase is particularly useful--iambic pentameter being such a powerhouse! That some like to frolic in a restless fashion is no barrier to making your poems. Which I enjoy...


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