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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Playlist! Hidden Cathedral poets!

Back from five weeks in the Carolina mountains, and the 24 videos of poems by various poets made for The Hidden Cathedral Poetry Celebration are now up as a public playlist on youtube. Thanks to those who followed the Cathedral Arts blog (subscribe here) and the celebration--finale on the 22nd with Malcolm Guite.


  1. I loved the sideways tilt of the head as prelude to the parenthetical bit: "except when I forget". From our living room yesterday we watched one of our neighbours in light-hearted conversation with a man who'd turned up with a car and trailer to carry away a largish bookshelf. Immediately there was something comical about the mise en scene, given that the trailer seemed too small for the job. Our attention was fixed. We couldn't hear what was said but I was struck by the eloquence and variety of our neighbour's hand and arm movements. One supposes these are learned subconsciously yet is one aware of making them as one speaks? As you may be able infer I have just launched a new novel (without having finished the previous one) and I am eager for data of all sorts. And do my hands move similarly? Trust things are going well in your long-distance mercy trip.

    1. I'm in the recovery period! Huge desire to sleep. Arrived home after five weeks of going all day every day. Then had to rush off to Philly to meet my youngest for his birthday. And now can relax for a few days. Feeling a bit wiped out on yet another rainy day.

      Will wander by your e-house after I do the terrible list of errands! Another launch, another launch... must see.


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