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Friday, December 20, 2019

Updatery: Red King news

Illumination by Clive Hicks-Jenkins
for The Book of the Red King, 172 pp.
(Montreal: Phoenicia Publishing, 2019)
Wee note to encourage the Fool, the Red King, and Precious Wentletrap: Writer Jessica Hooten Wilson (winner of the very big deal, tthe Hiett Prize in the Humanities) has published a review of The Book of the Red King in Fathom. I have updated the page for The Book of the Red King, which now contains an except from her article and helpful comments from: poet and novelist Fred Chappell; reviewer Dan Barnett; poet and novelist Kelly Cherry; longtime editor of Books and Culture, John Wilson; novelist Scott G. F. Bailey; poet and translator Michael Juster; poet and director of Poetry by the Sea, Kim Bridgford; poet Sally Thomas; poet Ray Oliver; poet and novelist Sebastian Doubinsky; and poet Jeffery Beam.

And that parade of names is bright and shiny, a good celebration for the Red King.

All posts about books are the little bottle in Alice's hand that says Drink Me. I hope you will. I promise that you, like Alice, can find that life is surprising and that you may, indeed, change in size, at least on the inside.

A few more images from Clive!
The book is available directly from Phoenicia Publishing 
in hardcover or paperback, and from (pb) Amazon, indies, etc. 


  1. I finally sat down and started reading the book last night, and it's joining me on my Christmas travels. As I said before, it's clearly no slim, breezy collection of random verse; it's a cohesive collection that demands (but rewards) immersion. I'm looking forward to having more specific thoughts on it soon!

    1. Ah, Jeff, thank you so much--for reading, for putting the book in your traveling pocket, for caring to have thoughts on it...


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