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Monday, January 15, 2018


Brazilian photographer André Rainaud of Vitória, Espírito Santo
For the curious who must know and for the curious who are merely idle, well, I am barely back from a nine-day trip to North Carolina--all five of us shut up in a Tundra truck for 1800 miles round trip! And we survived and had no fights and no burst pipes at home, so that is lovely.

I have plunged back into frigid Cooperstown life and duties--and am also polishing on a novel manuscript set in the fascinating seventeenth-century world of those who called themselves "the godly," aka the Puritans. Perhaps I will now understand the Yankee mind better.

Now that long books are out of fashion, I have finally written a long book. How strange that is! And yet somehow typical. I did not intend to be against the grain but somehow once again I am. The book is a good bit more than 500 print pages long, as it is almost that long in typescript.

And so I shall be scurrying about fulfilling promises and then hurrying home to scour my manuscript and keep the house from tumbling down for the next several weeks. I have various bits of book-related news, some of which I have already discussed in the Rollipoke, that I will be announcing in a month or so. And with luck and labors, I shall be doing something or other with this large novel soon.

Send chocolate, be well, and stay cozy! 

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