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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New poems at Mezzo Cammin

Three newish poems online at the polar bear issue! Bites from the openings:

Melville at Mooring

So frail and nearly mad, too old for seas,
Recalling Greylock like a cresting wave,


One of them is wandering with Bartram,
Tasting breast-of-heron, vision shaken

Family Storybook: Peter Rabbit

In the yard with the thrum of hummingbirds,
With zinnias rioting from coffee cans,

I see lots of familiar names, including old friend Jeanne Larsen. Thank you to poet and editor Kim Bridgford.


  1. Bookish! Good poems, all three. Thanks.

    1. And thanks for reading them, Tom--your enjoyment is a pleasure to me because a.) How many people read poems? and b.) you are a reader of discrimination. I'm glad you read and liked them.


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