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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Curiouser and curiouser

The fabulous Miss Yo-Yo!
I've written seven pieces so far for a collaborative project that will result in a solo show in September, one that mixes visual arts (pen and ink, with colored inks) with poems and stories. Though I can't say anything much about it in public now--because we all love good surprises, and I can't spoil this one--I will be writing about it more privately in The Rollipoke, no. 3, for those of you who are subscribed.

It's one of the odder series of works I have committed to doing, and has certain challenges that are unusual. I was invited to do this work by Detroit-born painter Yolanda Sharpe (who also sings with Glimmerglass Opera and is the highly successful head of the SUNY-Oneonta art department, so she's formidable--see her work at and am finding it interesting and sometimes amusing.


  1. Sorry to hitch a lift here. Your Sally Gardens replacement much appreciated but had to modified for Tone Deaf. Now I'm on tenterhooks

    1. You know, I love "Down by the Salley Gardens" but couldn't resist a response. Not surprised that it had to be modified to be sung, though, as I didn't write it for that tune or purpose.

      Anywhere is fine!

  2. Your wish was my command. AV link tacked to Bean Rows post. Although your version now scans it took a dozen goes before I got it half-right. I felt dogged by Yeats which, you would agree, is as it should be.

    1. Oh. In the post. Missed it. Shall look again. I was looking in the comments...

      Hey, it scanned before! Just not exactly right for your tune. Ahem.

  3. Yolanda Sharpe's pen-and-ink drawings (and her flower watercolors) are terrific. And she sings opera professionally too? Don't tell me she's a writer as well...

    1. Oh, I'm glad you liked them!

      I hate to tell you this, but she wrote some jazzy little poems to go with her encaustics....

      And on the domestic front, she's a fabulous seamstress, having learned how to tailor clothes when a young adult.

      Further (in yet another area), she was department chair for 12 years (and now is so again) and built up the major to around 350 students, got grants to revamp every studio and classroom, managed to have two new free-standing structures built--one a foundry for metals, the other a pottery studio. She's definitely a force to reckon with... Right now they're converting to BFA programs in five sub-areas. Whew. She gets things done.

      Going to lunch with the artists tomorrow. I'll tell her you liked her work.


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