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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Digbies! Glimmerglass!

Lynn Digby's seagull
Paul Digby videos of my poems...

Paul Digby has just recorded audio for a brand new poem of mine called "The Flower Girl," which he plans to make into a video, some day.

So I am thinking about how much I appreciate all his audio and video work, as well as the way his love for making things pours out into music composition, singing, pictures, gardens, house and frames carpentry, knitting, and much more. And he reads beautifully.

Here's a link to his six prior videos for my poems:

Follow Marly's board The Marly Videos (by composer-videographer Paul Digby) on Pinterest.

Lynn Digby

And look at the prior post for news about Lynn Digby's small paintings blog... It's interesting that even in odd corners of this huge country, people are striving after beauty and wishing to make a life in the kingdom of the arts.

A week left to throw your hat in the ring...

Every one helps make the book a tiny bit more visible in this big, colorful world, so please lodge a request!

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  1. Thank you for your mention of the Digby doings. And best of luck with the Glimmerglass Giveaway!


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