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Friday, February 15, 2013

Epic and epic hair!

An epic adventure and adventures in epic hair


Here's link to a qarrtsiluni podcast of a fragment of that wild adventure in verse, Thaliad--one in which the children make an early, terrible mistake that colors the rest of their lives. You can also find pieces of the poem at Mezzo Cammin (scroll down) and Scribd.

Seni Crines

If you have an interest in ancient art, you will be fascinated by the video of how hair stylist and scholar Janet Stephens recreated the seven-braid crown seni crines hairstyle worn by Roman vestal virgins with only simple tools--a comb, t-pin, bodkins, and a woolen cord. She bases the design primarily on the vestal virgin in the Uffizi but looks at many models as well. Her aim was to prove that vestals did  not have to be wearing wigs to achieve their complex fashion.

More on hair archaeology

Stephens also is looking at aristocratic Romans and their stylings, such as edifices of hair worn by Faustina the Younger and Empress Plotina. Another video here.


  1. That passage from Thaliad has to be the most stunning and heartbreaking in the whole book... I was in tears.

    I recently saw a gorgeous photo of a model with that vestal hairdo, matching the ancient design (cannot find it now). These videos really show how much hair one has to have and how much work it is - for a maid or slave!

  2. Writers like to make people cry. I hope it is in a good way. It echoes, that one.

    Yes, it is a lot of work. One can imagine a group of women sitting in the sunshine, chatting and braiding hair. But maybe it was not that way at all.


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