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but in tune with the ages. --First Things

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Saline tributes welcome

It is Sunday, and I am feeling pleased, satisfied, and downright merry that a goodly number of readers have reported crying over Thaliad. Trala! I'm very fond of both laughter (with not at) and tears in readers, and think it a grand privilege to inspire them.


  1. It's a moving work. It sorta sneaks up on one by page two and by page 5 one's just a mess.
    But - a good mess : )

    When you kill people off, Marly, other people are going to be SAD, darnit!

  2. Trala!

    I'm sorry but my characters were not all endowed with maturity and wisdom (and watchful parents, for that matter!)

    Aren't writers awful?


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