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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hicks-Jenkins 60th-birthday retrospective

I've been working on a delicious project for Clive Hicks-Jenkins: pieces related to Clive's angels, annunciations, prophets, and saints, to be published in a volume honoring Clive's 60th birthday in 2011. The occasion will be not just his birthday but a major retrospective exhibition at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. I'm afraid that I have rioted through his pictures with much abandon and will probably be labeled as the writer who misbehaved--misbehaved, I hope, with love and style and suitable mystery.

One of the splendid things about the lives of people who are impelled to write or paint and do other forms of art that demand many hours of solitude is the finding of kindred spirits along the way. Clive is one of mine, and I am glad that he and Peter Wakelin asked me to participate. I imagine that Clive knew I would misbehave.

Painting: "The Virgin of the Goldfinches" (2009.) Acrylic on panel, 112 x 82 cm.

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