Monday, September 13, 2010

Chocolate-covered grasshopper

Playwright Lynn Siefert has given me the most quirky assessment of my poetry and fiction that I have ever received: "I like your writing so much because it's a mix of delicacy and and darkness. Like a chocolate covered grasshopper. Once you get to the dark part it's too late because you've been seduced by the delectable part."

Grasshopper courtesy of and Thomas Pate of Florida.


  1. Wonderful! I'd say this comment captures exactly what you would want to be in your poems... if they were all sweetness and light (chocolate coating), that wouldn't be good; and in the same way, pure grasshopper would make them unpalatable.

  2. You know, one of the people who commented on the Facebook link pointed out (it is amazing the things some people remember!) that I'd had a review (and now I remember it) that said that I wrote like the love child of--and she couldn't remember who. But it was the love child of Toni Morrison and Alan Gurganus.

    But I still think chocolate covered grasshopper is the most outrageous.


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