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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Books, Graduation, and More


That woman is blathering about writing again:
The other day I had lunch with Jeremy Jones, who runs the Booklife website and "Shared Worlds" at Wofford. What fun!


FUNNY HATS: Rebecca with her friend and classmate Kim, daughter of novelist Peg Leon (who has a new book!)

I have survived graduation, despite the downpour halfway through, and my beautiful Rebecca is the possessor of a Regents diploma with Honors and Advanced Designation (I know, I know, you already read it on Facebook, and if you are a writer, maybe even expressed your comical dismay at the breeding of more writers!), a Clark scholarship, and the Janet Kerr Scholarship for "love of the language, the ability to enjoy great literature, a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched, and an attitude that shows a desire to learn and to expand personal horizons."

Despite prom, baccalaureate, company, graduation, and more, I have been cranking my way through Hollins M. F. A. stories and only have three more to go...

Just a few of many beloved friends--Molly, Emily, Evan, Pat, Vigi, Kim, Amy, Bugga, Tiffany, Hannah P, Connor. I also have pictures taken After the Downpour!


  1. Congratulations! Rebecca is a lovely young girl, who, though she really doesn't look much like you except around the hair, reminds me of you at just past that age.
    How are those stories anyhow?

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful indeed! Looks like a great day, Marly, despite the rain.

  3. Robbi,

    Yes, she has bushels of hair and eyebrows as I did, though her hair is wonderfully curly. If you saw us, you'd see that we are exactly the same height, etc. I think her face is more Mike-ish, the nose and mouth and cheeks, particularly.

    The stories are quite varied. One started with a two-foot long penis belonging to Anubis! You would enjoy rooting through the stack. We have viola players and ranchers and butterflies...


    Thanks, Clare--you know all about having children graduating! It was perfectly beautiful until the deluge. We were rather surprised that the superintendent and principal continued, it rained so hard. I had about ten umbrellas in the trunk of the car...

  4. Lovely photographs. Everyone shining with happiness. And you must have been too Marly, even though you seem not to have stepped out from behind the camera viewfinder. I can only imagine the work this must have entailed. Hope you're recovered now. And congratulations to all for the achievements. To Rebecca, for her evident commitment to getting the most of her opportunities, and to her parents, for being the support she needed. It's all most heartening.

  5. Clive,

    I think there is one picture of me with Rebecca, both absolutely drenched, that the little brother took--the mischief! Shall write you properly once I get going on the next stint. And catch up with the Artlog! xo

  6. I meant to write '... getting the most OUT of her opportunities...'.


  7. Even having met your DH only once, I could see she was him all over.
    Come visit the blog. I'm only being a little morbid these days.

  8. Clive,

    No worry! xo


    Just got in and am exhausted. More anon. What is it with Pennsylvania?

  9. Not sure what you mean Marly about PA. It's hot, humid, has killer mosquitoes, and bad neighbors. That's all I know.

  10. Hey, you caught me on! I've hardly been on since I arrived... PA is covered with orange cones and road blocks and stoppages. Always.


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