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Friday, June 18, 2010

Marly on hiatus

In the way of an apology: I am drowning and not waving, having come back from NYC ("Beastly Bride" reading, visits with writers and editors, lovely mini-Yaddo reunion with Maggie Paley and Stacey Engels) and then leaped in the busy-ness of prom weekend. Graduation is coming closer with great swiftness, and much must be done between now and weekend after next: college paperwork and so on (yes, thank you, financial donations are always appreciated by the mother with multiple children in college); various events; some work on my four upcoming books (madness); talks to polish for my stay at Hollins as writer-in-residence and for my stint at "Shared Worlds"; 16 manuscripts to comment on for Hollins; need to finish and show my current manuscript (a NYC promise--rash, rash!) and more.

So no, I am not writing you or you, not here and not anywhere else. Not for a while. If you're in Roanoke or Chapel Hill or Cullowhee or Spartanburg or Cooperstown, I might just see you...


  1. Best of luck, Marley, with all you're facing---and I do hope you're still planning on our getting together when you're in Chapel Hill!!

  2. Hi Eileen--

    Shall do, I think; once I'm on the road things will be simpler, or so I fondly believe... Other people will be minding the farm and the chillen!


    Definitely! When I get to Roanoke, I'll write you.

  3. Yay Marly! I am glad you are going to Hollins as a Writer in Residence! Wish I could come visit. Richard is leaving for Floyd. I remain here trapped at the end of this train wreck of a 6 week class.

  4. Robinka,

    Hope it perks along in a reasonable manner! I was thinking about you today--first father's day without your father...

  5. Looking forward to hearing from you when next time is freer for you....stay happy Marly and always good hearing your news...

  6. Jan,

    Stay happy is grand advice. I'll do my best!

  7. Thank you, dear Phil! Hope you and Linda and M. have a grand end-of-high-school summer and that all your big events go well. More when I surface...

  8. Oh for the old days when you and I had a few minutes to swop e-mails and chew the fat! Oh well, we must be patient. It'll all slow down again. Eventually!

  9. Good Luck!! and remember, now and just breathe for a minute. Maybe 2!

  10. Clive,

    Graduation was gorgeous and sunny until suddenly it was very, very wet! Still have company... More anon. Yes, we'll catch up soon. I was just yacking about our poetry book project.


    Waft a little easy my way...

  11. So *very* sorry not to be in NYC when you were here (and at the same reading, too)! And next year I'm writer-in-residence at Hollins - so take notes, and tell me all about it!

  12. "The Beastly Bride" reading was good--interesting to meet people I'd heard about but never met. I'm just sorry you weren't one of them.

    Shall take notes just for you... Right now I'm just about to depart. Hope the adults around here manage without me--no doubt they will!


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