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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My 4th Flea

Scratch my fourth flea at that inimitable house of fleas run by Mr. Paul Stevens, time-traveling roisterer of The Mermaid Tavern. More fleas provided by Mark Blaeuer, Temple Cone, Sally Cook, Kevin Cutrer, Ann Drysdale, Martin Elster, Angela France, Alan Gould, Patricia Wallace Jones, Rose Kelleher, Dane Kuttler, Amit Majmudar, John Milbury-Steen, Timothy Murphy, Shaun Russell, Joseph Salemi, Peter Wyton, and Leo Yankevich. I am, as usual, last: In the Celtic Twilight. And for my new book news, pop down to the next post.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. "AS usual, last"? — Not always, Mistess Marly:

  3. Hah. My dear Caratacus, I do hope you didn't have to remove an incensed reaction! What's a little exaggeration between friends? I have been campaigning for reverse alphabetical order throughout the universe--to know avail from here to heavy Saturn and beyond!

  4. Oh, ho, so it was originally "aleways," was it? Is that a secret way of saying that one had to be roistering at the Mermaid Tavern in order to vary from the sacred alphabetical order?

  5. A lovely poem, magical, as usual. But last is where people will remember best, isn't it so? Not smack in the middle, like I would be, if someplace that alphabetized took one of my poems.

  6. X, Y, and Z are always on the bottom shelf in the bookstore--or worse, around the corner in some feeble place!

    Robinka, I think the fb poetry status may actually beat out the sad saga of the microwaved peep. There may be some poetry readers left after all.

  7. A beautiful poem, Marly. All the poetry peeps love it, of course. The others? Nuke 'em.

  8. Mr. Tree,

    I'm afraid there wouldn't be much left of humanity...

    Still, as regards that little matter of facebook: it's interesting that poetry won out over the microwaved Easter peep--though I think it was by dint of cheating.

  9. Hi Marly,

    I left you a post over on your Blog section "Twigs on the family tree."

    I was not sure if you would see it so I thought I would try here as well.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  10. 'Aleways' was deffo NOT a Freudian and and reflects on my character not at all. On the other hand I could do with a cleansing Old Speckled Hen,

  11. My esteemed Caratacus,

    Would that we were both in the Mermaid with a pair of Old Speckled Hens!

    Aleways yr. obedn't servant,
    Mistress M.

  12. Attila, hun--

    I feel lucky not to have been slaughtered!

    Good cheer,

  13. Ah, Attila is Turkish! But my computer refuses to translate...


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