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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stanza Press (U.K.) anthology

In a recent interview, Robin Robertson said, "Any comparison between North America and the UK and Ireland always involves scale. They have many poetry publishers and almost too many literary magazines; we have too few." Into the breach leaps the brave and always-surprising writer and publisher Pete Crowther, who has now founded a new English poetry press: Stanza Press.

They're bringing out an anthology as their first book. I am curious to see it, and I like the idea of being included in such a lively mixture--Dana Gioia and Ursula LeGuin and Kipling and Kees and Neil Gaiman and Donne and many more writers, past jostling with present. My poem is "The Ghost Crab's Woman," previously published in John Klima's Electric Velocipede. It is the saddest of tales. Here's the information and the line-up:

Off The Coastal Path
a collection of dark poems from the seaside

Edited by Jo Fletcher
publication date: Early 2010
£15.00 [$24.00]
Hardcover Edition: Introduction: Donald Sidney-Fryer
Cover Artist: Ben Baldwin
ISBN: 978-1-848630-82-6

Atlantis by Clark Ashton Smith
Triptych by Donald Sidney-Fryer
The Sea Went Away by Ray Bradbury
The Storme by John Donne
Three Seas by Tanith Lee
The Port by H.P. Lovecraft
Pier, Beneath by John Kaiine
The Sea-Wife by Rudyard Kipling
To Her Sea-faring Lover from Tottel's Miscellany (1557 )
The Daemon Lover My Last Landlady by Neil Gaiman
Sea Fret by Brian Lumley
The Great Sellie o' Suleskerry
Shuck by Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Ghost Crab's Woman by Marly Youmans
Creation of the Horse by Ursula K. Le Guin
The Great Unknown by Joel Lane
A Half-Broken Heart (On Brighton Pier) by Robert Edric
Keepsake by Peter Crowther
Night Watch by Dana Gioia
Mermaid by James Reidel
The Beach in August by Weldon Kees
Cape Vacatown by Unknown (after Weldon Kees)
Lost by William Hope Hodgson
Admiral Death by Henry Newbolt
Souls Under Water by Judith Barrington
In 1962, on the Harbor Ice by T.M. Wright
Something Happened by Patrick LoBrutto
On Different Shores by Jo Fletcher
Day's End by John Gordon


  1. This looks a good anthology to have. I shall investigate!

  2. It certainly has an interesting combination of writers! And I like the way it runs back to Tottel's Miscellany and ballads.

  3. This looks very tempting, I can't remember the last time I bought an anthology, but the title is almost irresistible, and what a line-up!

  4. Yes, it seems a rather different way of thinking about what an anthology ought to be. I look forward to seeing itl


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