Thursday, February 04, 2010

"The Horse Angel," Locus Recommended Reading

Moi, last on the list: Always surprising to see what makes a list...


  1. Oh, if I'd seen "moi, last on the list," i wouldn't have had to scroll down the entire, endless (;D) list in the dark, blustery pre-dawn to find your name. The wind is blowing so hard and constantly, it sounds like the mistral outside. I hear that noise can drive one mad. I believe it--- and it's only been a half an hour since I made its acquaintance.
    Congrats on making the list!

  2. It's a snow day here, though I can't see why--after all, it's always snowing... Hope my mother and eldest are well supplied on their mountaintops... I found the slide show of Chapel Hill snow ball fights rather entertaining. Hope the big windy bluster lets up for you.

    Thanks. I'm not very good at knowing what it means to be on various lists but am always glad to be included.


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