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Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Throne of Psyche

On Monday I learned that my next book--my eighth but only my second poetry book--will be The Throne of Psyche, a collection of sixty poems (Mercer University Press.) Public domain image: Psyche Opening the Door into Cupid's Garden by John William Waterhouse (1904)


  1. Mazel tov, Marly! How wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing it.
    My word verification today is "elarobbi"! Weird.

  2. That's fabulous, Marly.
    I hope I can read it.
    Your "way with words" ( purely from what I see on my blog!) is absolutely it!

  3. Great Marley. I must aquiring one. I have lots to tell but lost your email somewhere in the muddle of Google. PS mine is aized Robbi!

  4. Robbi,

    It'll take a while, no doubt. See Robert's w. i. note.


    Thanks! You are an encouraging soul...


    Well, I feel that I should have checked on you while I was away in the Carolinas... I'll send an email to your address.

  5. wow, its really cool that you have a University Press.

    Congrats on your book.

  6. I'm currently getting a manuscript together. I don't know whether to enter contests, which seems like a waste of time and money, or just send it cold to some publishers people recommend.

  7. Susanna,

    Actually it's my second foray into university press world. Poetry often finds a home there...


    Yes, I always think contests are a bit of a crap shoot, particularly if you can't research the judge. Don't forget about presses in your own region--you may have friends who know about them They can be very warm toward local and regional writers and often do a splendid production job.

    W. v.: cultedly. Weirdly appropriate, no?

  8. Congratulations, Marly, what an impressive list of book publications (and wonderful ones they are) you have.

  9. Ah, thank you, jarvenpa! Nothing like encouragement from a writer-bookseller...

  10. Bravo Marly!

    And I love the Waterhouse.

  11. Hi Lucy-
    Thanks... Must go spend some time in the Box Elder and see what else you are doing.

  12. Congratulations!
    Love hearing that you continue to find your words on their way into print.

  13. Thanks, zephyr--
    Glad you wafted my way!

  14. Marly,
    Go visit my blog and see the news about the trip R and I just took via train up the CA coast, near Hearst Castle. I love the Castle, but we didn't go there this time. Instead, we spent a lot of time on the various beaches, watching the antics of seals and elephant seals. It was cold and foggy, but still lovely out there. Wish you could come visit and take a trip like that sometime!
    For the rest of you guys, my blog is at

  15. RE: regional presses, I have a few Philly poems, a couple VA poems, and many CA poems. Perhaps I am not regional enough to suit these regional presses.

  16. Will do tomorrow after children go to school and before one goes to the orthodontist in mid-morning... My days are packed at the moment.

    No, I don't mean regional work. I just mean a publishing house that has a regional base. Smaller houses can often be more supportive and even work harder at getting the word out that big ones... But look at the size of this country. It's difficult to establish yourself in such a huge country--a regional base can be helpful, especially right now when the big boys in New York are suffering from the financial crisis and trying to figure out where they are in the digital revolution.

  17. Good point. If I can ever get out from under student essays and Jewish holidays, I will finish that manuscript and begin sending it out. I'm not writing right now. I need to get myself back into gear.

  18. When is this one available? I'll seek it out.

  19. Nevermind...found my answer :).


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