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Thursday, April 23, 2009

More on "Elegies for the Water"

Elegies for the Water (here) sold more than a thousand copies in its first month. That's doing wonderfully well for a book of poems. Confetti, Phil! Next up: pieces on the poems of Rosanne Coggeshall, on Howard Bahr, and on writing advice.


  1. That must be some kind of record for the US!

  2. It is very, very good for a book of poems, 2009 A. D.!

    And I should say that I'll probably be delayed on the next few posts due to travels through the thorny parts of life. It's not like a book; we don't get to skim.

  3. Goodness.
    I love your incrdible and totally individual " Use Of Language" ( as "They" say in schools...)
    Who else says something like your final lines in this post...! Marvellous.

  4. Hey there, Jan-across-the-water--

    I wasn't ignoring you--just away to south Georgia. I might've been fibbing in this little note. Might post some pictures of my maternal family home next.


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