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Monday, July 07, 2008

Q-looniness, Grad-looniness

I'm starting to like online publication more and more--the readership is so much better than print magazines. Mezzo Cammin has just picked up an 11-page blank verse poem called "The Throne of Psyche," out in their next issue. And today I have some q-looniness in place: Dave Bonta says that this is one of only two formal poems in this issue--the other also being by a former editor, Brent Goodman. I'm pleased to follow one of Laura Frankstone's sea images. And if you want to see more than one poem, try

B received his genuine Regents diploma last Sunday, and so can be released into the stream of the world. I don't use names or pictures of children online, but now that he is a certified semi-adult with paperwork to prove it, I'll memorialize The Graduation of B with a few pictures. SEE BELOW.

WATER CREDIT: The image of Onomea Bay above is from the water-loving brush of Laura Frankstone of It's not, however, the one that precedes that poem in qarrtsiluni. Laura must have some mer in her ancestry...