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Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy graduation, B--

Seniors above the Fenimore Museum's double staircase leading to the lawn above Otsego Lake.

October 2007, senior year

At the start of prom night, June 14, 2008


  1. I applaud your decision regarding children, their names, and the Internet. However, it is nice to see the family resemblance! -- Based on the few images you've posted of yourself, I can see you in his brow and in the upturn of his lips. You must be so proud...and experiencing a host of emotions, I should imagine.

    The word verification for my comment has "may" in it, as if it knew I'd just gone to read your poem.

  2. What a handsome young man, with a steady gaze. Congratulations.

  3. Let me add congratulations to you all! He looks composed and strong and bright, of course, but then he would.

  4. Yes, I am proud, aside from the fact that he has already killed TWO little golf carts at his summer job at the Otesaga golf course... Hapless, helpless little things. I hope the job remains in present tense until summer's end.

  5. congrats on the online stuff! that is so wonderful that you are branching out and checking out new venues for your work.

    that picture of laureline's is gorgeous. She is my modern favorite painter.

  6. Hello, all--

    Must say that I have missed my little threads through the abyss.

    Susanna, "Swoon" is the kind of comment all boys like. You knew that.

  7. Ditto what Jarvenpa wrote. And I can feel your pride all the way out over here. I did try to find a link to an image of a deceased golf cart, but alas, all I found was this:

  8. Hah! What michievous intentions you had!

  9. Hi from your fellow author! My friend and fellow writing-grouper Shannan said she met you at the Artisans' Guild today. Feel free to contact us sometime. You can find Shannon at (her internet is down at the moment, but she hopes to back online soon). Hope I get to meet you sometime. Deborah

  10. Ah, so you are the instigator of the Guild! I've enjoyed shopping there many times, and Martha B. does my chairs. I took a look at your site and find that your life doesn't wholly match my (obviously narrow) ideas about Oneonta, Deborah. I suppose it must be a livelier place than I realized!

    I did check out Shannon's paper-cutting and scratchboard site but haven't gotten to the writing one yet. Maybe tomorrow, in between kid-ferryings.

  11. Late as usual, well done, congratulations from across the water.

  12. Lovely picture of B. He favors your husband, as far as I recall, and somewhat yourself as well. When you speak of his "regents" diploma, did he receive a special honor? I wouldn't be surprised.
    I'm glad to hear he is working too, even if he did kill 2 golf carts. I'd have done the same.
    My first job was at a bakery and lasted one day. I couldn't tie the strings around boxes, and when customers picked up the boxes, the cakes fell out.

  13. Robert,


    Thank you...

    I'll be by to see what the sculptures look by these days. But not today. Today is madness.


    Cakes fell out! I love it.

    Actually he looks more like me than anybody else does. Ben and R have wads of hair like me, but Ben has that squarish face and high forehead with a bit of widow's peak. People say we have the same mouth. He's made like my father's family, tall and well-built. R looks very much like Mike rethought, only with scads of hair. Mike and I were both fair with blue eyes (mine turned green at sixteen), so I suppose they could get that from anywhere. Skinny, tiny N looked like my grandaddy when he was born(!), but I don't know who he looks like now.

    But I don't really care who they look like, or what: I want them no matter what.

    Will get to those stories soon, by the by. I am just running ragged. In fact, I literally just ran down the street to try and stop the bike police and beg off a parking ticket... Mike, who gives up a week a year for Scout camp, came home from camp to shower and get things he needed. Well, he stayed ten minutes too long on the street--we have loaned our front parking to our neighbors, who don't have enough. Drat! And meanwhile I have to put up with zany tourists picnicking on my lawn and blocking the drive! Not to mention picking my raspberries in back. Now that gets me where I live. So to speak.

  14. Interesting you are not the first to call me Robert, Robert; happens all the time!!

  15. Must be your fate, as I did it quite by accident, Robert Robert!

  16. I thought B. looks like the husband, but then he does resemble you as well. A good strong mixture in fact.

    Congrats on surviving graduation. The next hurdle will be college!!!

  17. Thanks--he is definitely himself, an unusual young man...

  18. Bet he couldn't wait to get out of that thing...


  19. Frank,

    The golf cart, the tux, or the school?

  20. Compliments from the zephyr: thank you very much!


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