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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Halloween Palace

Looking for poetry and culture? Slide down to the next post! Looking for cannibal pumpkins, mummies, cats in costume, spam-o-lanterns?

Walk in.

Gallery of pumpkins—thought my family had invented several of these, but I suppose not. I’ll have to try the flaming toilet paper pumpkins. (Kindred spirits, after all: hair on fire.) How to make your own trashcan costume and send the neighborhood kids into paroxysms, advice on what power tools not to use, and more. Credit: The wonderful Oct-o-pus picture is from

Willing and unwilling cats in costume. Unwilling is rather more entertaining.

Unholy pumpkin-cutting laziness on All Soul’s? Try this.

Not quite as lazy as the above but still pretty lazy? Alternative pumpkins here: bell pepper lantern, spam-o-lantern, horny melon lantern, and the ever-popular raw beef lantern.

And a few mummies to rattle your cage.


  1. I LOVE all of the links. I wasn't in much of a Halloween mood, until I surfed on them. Now I am thinking of ways to dress up tomorrow when I pass out the treats to the kids.

    Unfortunately, we can't dress up at school. I have no idea how I will keep anyones attention tomorrow at school either. I know the thoughts will be on costumes and candy.

    Happy Halloween.

  2. All Hallows E'en to you & all. Time to break out the kitchen candy!


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