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Friday, June 02, 2006

Baroush Baroush

I just opened up the Penguin Young Readers Group catalogue for fall, and I'm pleased to find a double page spread in the Firebird section for The Curse of the Raven Mocker and Ingledove, just after one for Diana Wynne Jones' The Tough Guide to Fantasyland. The books look lovely and have fine quotes and are clearly distinguished as "American" in mode, something that I hoped to see. If you'd like to see for yourself, hop over to the e-catalogue and skim along until you reach pages 68-69.


I've been a bit lax about the blog, because I haven't been lax about my three children, N.'s multiple 9th birthday celebrations, N.'s recycle tiger project, the still-forthcoming will-it-ever-end end of school, the summer schedule, and writing. I'm making the O. V. A. not to spontaneously combust. That's Old Valiant Attempt. Ought to be a Wodehouse acronym, really. Be a good egg and pretend it is, will you?

In other breaking news: N., among other delightful gifts, received additions to the current menagerie. (Thank you, very much, Dr. Laurie. I really needed two more pets that poop.) We now have two Russian (and never, ever rushing) tortoises. The tiny gentleman tortoise, named by N., is Baroush Baroush. After this important decision was made, N. graciously allowed his elder sister to name the much larger lady tortoise. She is now known as Louise Louise. Louise Louise is a real hog on grapes, carrots, and lettuce, and in general manages to keep her mate on the small side by kicking him ever-so-slowly away from the food that she is gently, steadily devouring.



  1. Oooh, tortoises! Used to have desert tortoises (when I lived on the desert, Mojave desert)who actually mated and raised a little desert tortie family.
    Do Russian tortoises hiss when upset? (desert ones do, at least mine did). (now clicking over to look at the e-catalog with proper admiration).

  2. N. says the tortoises hiss. He says they might be fighting each other (albeit invisibly, so far as I can tell) or scared.

    Evidently we can make ours have eggs by putting them in the cellar for hibernation... Sounds like a good idea--no box to clean for a while--but then we'll have oodles of torties. Cleaning galore!

    Never heard "torties" before. Cute!

  3. I've just unwittingly erased all that I'd written here. Curses. I'm enjoying this tortle lore, though. When you find a pet that doesn't poop, could you let the rest of us know? You changed this post before I had a chance to respond, but I hope you get lots of new readers from the catalog listings!

  4. Oh, I wasn't sure that I wanted to dig up more little boxes quite yet... And I don't know why I ditched the rest of it. Whim, I guess.


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