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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Strange Horizons: long ago and far away

Strange Horizons just picked up reprint rights to Tall Jorinda, a mythical story about a giant girl, set in my home stomping ground of the Carolina mountains. The naturalist William Bartram makes a cameo appearance, though he doesn't give his name, and I don't think many people have ever noticed.

Long ago I won the New Writers Award from Capitol: The Magazine of New York’s Capitol Region with Tall Jorinda. And was feted with a nice fat check that I needed and a reading at The Shaker Museum in Old Chatham and a lovely party--all hosted by editor-in-chief/publisher Dardis McNamee.

It was a sultry-hot July at the museum, and I was nine months pregnant. The first of three children was born not so many days after...

In all, we lived for four years in our tiny one-bedroom basement apartment. By the time we left, the bedroom contained a nightstand, a double bed, a crib, and a bassinet. At night, I liked waking and hearing the light breathing of babies, though we had to crawl down to the southwest corner of the bed to get out of the room.

Good times...

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  1. Gorgeous, show-stopper god-babies, lords of Washington Park.


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