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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fantastic, dark and light--

Personal Lovecraftian health meter measure is at level 3:

Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men.

Lesson learned: Never, never chaperone adorable small schoolchildren in the rain, especially if they haven't properly washed the bad little viruses and bacterial parties off their wee sticky hands. What is tiny can get you!

*** *** ***

The editor of Argosy (a must-be-discerning man who has published one of my novellas and will soon publish another), James A. Owen, has a sweet-sounding deal with Simon & Schuster:

I'm thrilled to report that David Gale, the Vice President and Editorial Director of Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, has purchased my forthcoming illustrated novel HERE BE DRAGONS, (and optioned a sequel) for a very substantial sum. The deal includes World Rights, which, given S&S's success with Tony and Holly's SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES (among many others) was a no-brainer.We're not saying anything about the story itself except for what was said in the Publisher's Lunch Current Deals: that it's a period fantasy set in London during World War I. I'll also be painting the cover, as well as providing two-dozen full-page pen and ink illustrations in what has become known as my 'signature style' (translation: many, many pen lines). The first book is scheduled for publication on Simon & Schuster's Fall 2006 list.For information on current and upcoming work by James A. Owen, please go to

To see samples of that "signature style" from Obscuro, go to Apocatastasis:

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  1. Much scratching of the pen! Very fine.

    --Lady Azure's Personal Hairdresser


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