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Thursday, May 19, 2005

This Week at the Palace

I revised "The Angel with the Broken Face" for Mars Hill Review; it was too long for them and was a bit overstuffed anyway. The editing comments were interesting.

So far I've seen one review of my story that's up at SCIFICTION. I find it curious that the reviewer never thought that the vision of the girl might point both to Lyle's wife as a girl and to the young woman at the opening of the story--it works in a double way as prophecy, but if one doesn't "get it," the story is diminished. I don't quite see why that would need to be explained... And I always find plot summaries of fiction to be disturbing; if I'd wanted to write a story in 200 words, I would have done so. However, it's enlightening to have paid a visit to the genre world, where there seems to be a lot of lively talk about magazines and stories.

On Saturday I'm doing a yack-and-read at a Barnes & Noble in the hinterlands. I hope that last week's remark, "sometimes we get two librarians," doesn't turn out to cover my event!

Tussle of the week: The initial explosion has set off interesting small fires elsewhere.

My favorite response to "Chickens at the Palace": "Can't match Mike the Headless Chicken -- which, as Dave Barry would say, sounds like a terrific name for a rock band -- but Whiteville, N.C., has its Fire Ant Festival coming up."

The rest is reticence.


  1. Why did the chicken get a jaywalking ticket? She was trying to get to Barnes and Noble for a copy of INGLEDOVE!
    Actually, a chicken up in Kern County CA did get such a ticket, though I don't think it's much of a fiction fan.
    I'd like a copy of INGLEDOVE, though I'm not too good at laying eggs... .

  2. Overheard at the Capitol during the filibuster, "Let there be a chicken in every pot and a copy of INGLEDOVE on every shelf! Better yet, bring me a copy and I'll read it to you."

  3. More on Mike the Headless Chicken: His late owner, L. A. Olsen, called him "a robust chicken - a fine specimen of a chicken except for not having a head."


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