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Monday, May 02, 2005

The Midnight Crier (at 2:00 a.m.): Got Books? Let's Read conference

What I found curious at the Hodge Podge Books conference:

hundreds of people wearing little blinky name tags;

lots of children's book authors, many of whom live an arduous life of flying from school to school (school visits sound to the uninitiated like comical nightmares--uncontrolled children in assemblies, missing equipment, machines that begin to smoke just before burning up a carousel of slides, etc.);

hundreds of people wearing those blinky name tags and neon necklaces;

illustrator-writer Judy Byron Schachner, who looks like me (her third-grade picture with tight braids and crooked mama-cut bangs might even be me);

Frank Hodge, who has organized such events for several decades and is sweet and gentle and funny;

illumination (complete with the blinkies) at late night wine-and-yack with various writers;

picture book presentations, particularly ones by twin Judy and by Denise Fleming (wish I could have gone to them all--I wanted to see Tracey Campbell Pearson talk about painting chickens, always an irresistible subject);

teachers, who prove to be infinitely various in their ways and backgrounds;

hundreds of people wearing blinky name tags and neon necklace and all holding up globes-on-a-wand filled with whirling light (why haven't all the meetings I've gone to given me toys that my children can't resist, I wonder?);

the Desmond Hotel, a site entirely suitable to the meeting in its make-believe.

I have also gone up in my daughter's estimation by bringing her a signed Coville--I bought too many books, though I craved more--because she passed through a Coville-devouring phase on the way to her current deep-sworn allegiance to Diana Wynne Jones.

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