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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Poems and a tiny thank you

I'm pleased that Michael Fitzpatrick, who wrote a lovely, recent review of Charis in the World of Wonders, included one of my poems at the close of his latest Eighth Day column: The Dreamer as Architect," which I wrote for novelist Midori Snyder and was originally published in First Things. Thank you to him!

The second issue of Pulsebeat is out, thanks to editor David Stephenson. And there you may, if you choose, read my poems "Their Faces" and "The Ancestors, Again."  I'm not too interested in writing about me-as-subject, but the second poem is definitely... me and my deep-South roots. "A Child in Snow and Sleep" was in the first issue and is another poem that stems from childhood: the first time I lived outside the South and met the airborne delicacy and earthbound weight of snow.

I have some book news, but that'll go to The Rollipoke readers first...

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