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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

TONIGHT, reading with NCLR

TONIGHT: reading "She-Who-Changed," "Night-blooming Cereus," "Spring Tree Egg," and "Alice" with @NCLitReview "North Carolina Literary Review"... at 7:00. (Just realized. Eep! So please share...)


  1. You've said your're not interested in politics; I'm not sure how you manage this given politics infects every human enterprise but I hope I know you well enough to say I respect this stance. But at the moment in the USA, politics - in the widest sense and with worldwide implications - is impossible to avoid. Even for an old male fuddy-duddy like me. Do you think you ought to say something? Perhaps your view may be controversial and you'd prefer not to attract flak. I can understand this and wouldn't want flak to happen. Even so...

  2. I refer you to the next post...


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