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Saturday, December 11, 2021

"Starting with a Sentence by Aidan Hart"

As I've had to be away a great deal this year, I haven't posted much... but here's a poem that just emerged in First Things, in print and online.
Posting in the small hours with a wave to fellow insomniacs...


  1. Does anybody go to blogs anymore? If you're a comment lover, here are some: comments at facebook;
    comments at twitter...

  2. I am definitely still reading blogs, and I don't have a fb or twitter account. I consider tiktok, whatever that is.

    I enjoyed the poem! I like the association of truth with beauty. I also like that the poem doesn't read like a list; I'm sure the rhyme scheme helps with that some?

    1. I have scaled back on both those things--I occasionally post and then respond to comments on those posts, but that's about it. Mostly I'm glad to still have ways to contact certain people. Like you on your blog, though I need to catch up. I think I'm going to have to continue spending a lot of time 900 miles from home, and that eats time from every kind of writing. Is what it is!

      Glad you liked it. And maybe! It is definitely a loose scheme in that the rhymes are far apart but ends with a tight, close one.

    2. I cannot comment on my blog (again), so I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year here. I hope your travels are bearable and that you're getting enough rest. It's so easy to forget to rest.

      The structure of the poem somehow reminds me of a Japanese fan. Don't ask me to explain that. An unfolded sonnet, maybe?

    3. How peculiar! Did you report it? They might respond... Although I do find that glitches come and go.

      A Japanese fan. That's lovely! It is a wayward form, abcdef abcdef gg. Perhaps it is two coordinated fans, tied together.

  3. Spent Christmas at Hereford County Hospital where my entrails were examined, some discarded and the future predicted. It will, they say, be a yoghurt mish-mash, as always. Doesn't the Internet work in these far-flung places?. Time to take up illuminated scrolls.

    1. RR, I need to come by and get more entrail-detail and shall do so today! I'm glad you are out and hope all is getting better...


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