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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The Slumbering Host

The Slumbering Host, ed. Daniel Rattelle and Clinton Collister (Little Gidding Press, 2020)
Cover art by David Baulis.
   ISBN-13: 978-0578622415
A new anthology, a lovely fresh sprout from the soil of North American Anglican. I assume the title is from Tennyson's Idylls of the King. Click the link above for more comments and information and a peep inside. I'm looking forward to encountering some poets I have not read before!

* * *

"The Slumbering Host is an important part of the resistance to our late postmodern literary culture.  The poets in this anthology have rejected the poetry of brutalism spawned by Ezra Pound, and have instead embraced spirituality and traditional poetic craft. These poems collected by Clinton Collister and Daniel Rattelle display music, grace, and ambition." --A.M Juster

"The Slumbering Host remembers for us--the poems remember "what perhaps we wish the past had been," summoning voices not often heard, resonances from Ovid, Yeats, and Donne. The poets remember the tastes and sounds and colors of words, and most of all, their meanings. Unlike the obscurest rants of current headlines and rattling licentious verse of many contemporary writers, these poems and their poets do "not hasten words" but slowly beckon them to come and speak. In their poems, these words are defamiliarized and rekindled with fire. We can read these poems and know what the words mean. The poems ensembled in this collection call for us to listen to what we thought we knew and perhaps forgot, that truth is true and beauty is beautiful and goodness can be made once more." --Jessica Hooten Wilson

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