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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Pre-orders begin! The Book of the Red King

The Book of the Red King. 

Hardcover jacket or paperback cover and interior illuminations
by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.

Offered in hardcover and paperback editions;
both available for special pre-order through July 15,
directly from Phoenicia Publishing via PayPal or credit card.
* * *
Please see my updated page for the book HERE.
Blurbs from Kelly Cherry, Kim Bridgford, A. M. Juster
Information about the book, author, and illuminator
* * *

See the Phoenicia Publishing catalogue page to order HERE.


Note to Rollipokers pilfered from The Rollipoke News:

Please think hard about supporting this book--in some ways the nearest to me of all my books, the poems having appeared as a great, rejoicing flood of surprise--from the wonderful Phoenicia Publishing of Montreal, the small-press brainchild of Elizabeth Adams. It will make me happy if you do, as the Red King, the Fool, and Precious Wentletrap are eager to leap from their world to yours.

Clive's harpy
from the interior illuminations!

Thank you to Micah Mattix and Prufrock News 
for mentioning the book in Friday's newsletter!


  1. Pre-ordered a copy! And I appreciate that my entire payment will go to you and Phoenicia and that Amazon won't get a penny.

    1. Jeff, thank you! I love it when people order directly through Phoenicia... It is such a help.

  2. Hi, Can you please provide the ISBN for The Book of the Red King? Thank you!

    1. Dana, just got back into town... so far I think it's just up at Phoenicia, but I will get the hc and pb ISBNs and post here. May take a day or two if I don't get hold of the publisher immediately, but I won't forget.

    2. ISBN Title Product Form Projected Date Publication Status
      978-1-927496-15-2 The Book of the Red King Paperback 201905 Forthcoming
      978-1-927496-14-5 The Book of the Red King Hardcover book 201905 Forthcoming
      These are the ISBN listings for your book at Library and Archives Canada.

  3. This is very exciting. I can't wait to read it!

    1. Scott, I can't wait for you to read it also... you always have such interesting things to say. I need to catch up with what you're doing.... when I catch up with what I'm doing!

    2. I'm not doing much, so there's no hurry!

    3. Not doing much. That sounds delightful. Although I don't know if I believe it! You always seem to be doing much!


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