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Thursday, August 09, 2018

I'll be reading my friend Jeffery Beam's poem "An Invocation" (from Skysill Press's Gospel Earth) at 7:30 p.m., "Ensembles Large and Small from the Glimmerglass Festival Orchestra Cherry Valley Star Theatre: Artworks Concert Series August 12" and at "The Pierstown Grange Presents: The Annual Florence High Memorial Chamber Music Concert August 13, 7:30 pm Chamber Music presented by members of the Glimmerglass Festival Orchestra." 

Locals, get a little bit of North Carolina in your week--see y'all there!


  1. This looks amazing -- wish I could be there. Your community has so many wonderful literary, art and music events. I love Boulder, but admit here we celebrate the mountains, the rivers, and events that involve rock climbing, trail running, and doing mad things like sumiting five peaks in a single day (followed by throwing off your clothes at the top and having a pic of yourself naked to winds.)

    1. My memories of Boulder (where we lived one summer while my father had some sort of fellowship in analytic chemistry) are odd. I remember drinking Fizzies with a little girl while she told me the facts of life. And an Indian family across the way had two girls that I loved; their grandfather loved me and always wanted to kiss me on the lips, which upset my mother. I loved my rock club--we went all over, to gold mines and saurian sites and places where it was on fire under the ground...

    2. Hoping the memories I make here are as captivating!

    3. Haha! Well, you will be making them with a little girl!


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